Presenters:    Cody Willis - CFM
                              Brad Pomeroy - ARCA
Length:           60 minutes
Date:                       February 1st, 2017
Time:             9:00 a.m.MST

Are you interested in bringing cash automation to your branch but don't know where to start? Curious know how other financial institutions have successfully deployed cash recyclers and dispensers? Do you already have cash recyclers or dispensers, but have room to improve your overall usage and client engagement?

Join the leaders in cash automation technology, CFM and ARCA, to learn the secrets that will help you successfully deploy cash recyclers and dispensers in your branch. 

During this webinar, Brad Pomeroy, Solutions Expert for ARCA and Cody Willis, CFM Integration Expert, will teach you how to implement cash automation, including how to choose the right machines and core integration method. Discover the right way to purchase, install and integrate cash automation hardware while avoiding headaches and unpleasant surprises.

Hear how other financial institutions have successfully deployed cash automation technology to improve both sales and operations and learn about a method for processing transactions from any area in the branch that allows for a true universal associate model and improved client experience.

Learn how to:

  • Increase efficiency while lowering operating costs through cash automation
  • Skyrocket ROI and get an immediate return on your technology investments
  • Avoid the pitfalls when installing cash recyclers and dispensers in your branch

Who should attend?

  • C-Level Financial Executives (CEOs, COO, CFOs, CROs)
  • Bank and credit union managers and VPs interested in improving client and staff experience 
  • Anyone that wants to learn about cash automation from the experts

Brad Pomeroy
ARCA Solutions Expert
Cody Willis
CFM Integration Expert


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